demenageur de lannee 2011
demenageur de lannee 2011

TIPS / Commercial

TIPS / Commercial

TIPS / Commercial

General advice

  • Use clean and moving specially conceived boxes. Grocery boxes or others are not always clean and often cannot bear the weight of the items put in them. Moreover, their unequal dimensions complicate the loading;
  • Pack heavy items in small boxes and light items in bigger ones. Aim at a maximum weight of 15 to 20 kg for every box;
  • Use only virgin newpaper which is available at you origin agent. Regular newspaper is dirty and can stain your items;
  • Pack very small items in lively colored paper to avoid loosing them or throwing them inadvertently with the scrap packing paper;
  • Withdraw light bulbs before packing lamps;
  • Place frames in boxes between sheets or blankets for more protection;
  • Clean garbage boxes are perfect to transport garage items, tools, balls, skates and other miscellaneous items;
  • You can leave everything in your drawers as long as the weight is reasonable and that the content doesn’t risk to be broken;
  • Describe the general content on the top and side of every box. Write also of which room it comes (or the room in which you would like it to be placed once at destination);
  • Use colored stickers for every box. At your new residence, hang balloons of corresponding colors in front of the rooms where you want the corresponding boxes do be placed;
  • Dangerous goods, such as inflammable products, varnish and thinner, gasoline, kerosene and oils, liquefied gas, aerosols, nail varnish and solvents, munitions and explosives, corrosive products and detergents, are examples of articles that cannot be included in the load.

Computers and electronic devices

  • Remove all CDs from your CD player;
  • Withdraw all reception devices and paper feeder of printers;
  • Put your computer hard disc on " park ";
  • Fill the empty space of boxes with expanded polystyrene and write the mention " extremely fragile " on the boxes. Use the original packings if you still have them, they are ideal to protect your computer and electronic equipment;
  • Before connecting your computer in your new home, let it get used to the ambient temperature.


Even if plants are easily carried, their survival is not always assured. As they can become excellent gifts of good-byes for neighbors, family and friends, Allied suggests you offer them in " adoption " but if you decide to take them:

  • Expose them to a maximum of sun during a few weeks so they can store the necessary energy for the trip;
  • Cut the biggest branches and leaves about a month before the departure and reduce their provision in water and in fertilizers to slow down their growth;
  • Never let the leaves of a plant rest on the window of a vehicle to prevent them from burning.